Typing lessons

Weclome to the Typing lessons
First, I will introduce you into this environment. When you start typing lesson you can click at the question mark at the upper right corner to disable help.
The hands at the bottom will show you which finger to use according to the letter to type.
You  can move those hands via drag and drop.
At the moment you reside in the Training Mode as you feel trained enough to finish a lesson click on the alarm clock to start the test.
To finish a lesson your accuracy has to be higher than 94 and your typing speed higher than 100.
Click on the X in the upper right corner to turn back to the menu.
Now, I will tell you, how to learn effective typinig with this typing lessons
1. Speed comes from sureness. Try to type as accurate as possible no matter how slow you are.
2. Try not to look at the Keyboard, except you do not know, where the letter is.
3. Always keep the Home row (A,D,F,G,J,K,L,;).
4. Only move your fingers, not your palms.
5. Try to keep a certain rhythm of typing.
6. Relax while typing.
7. Practice, Practice, Practice!